About Us

    Kentuckiana Medical Reciprocal Risk Retention Group (KMRRRG) was formed in 2004 and today is the largest captive insurance company in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. KMRRRG is a reciprocal risk retention group under the captive law and is domiciled in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. KMRRRG is also registered in the state of Indiana.

    KMRRRG provides professional liability (medical malpractice) coverage for all entities affiliated with UofL Health, Inc., University of Louisville Physicians, Inc., and Residents and Students of the University of Louisville Schools of Medicine and Dentistry.


    The board and management staff of KMRRRG are fully committed to providing its insureds with stable premiums protected from commercial market fluctuations as well as legal, risk and claims management support.

    Our Staff

    Melissa Updike is the Executive Director for KMRRRG and has dedicated her career to healthcare risk management and insurance, specifically medical malpractice and general liability for healthcare providers and entities. Currently she has been managing the operations of KMRRRG for over 10 years and has helped to grow KMRRRG to be the largest healthcare captive in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. “Our top priority is to manage the risks of our insureds and be their risk management partner to avoid claims and defend their actions should a claim occur. We focus on claims prevention and not claims administration.”


    Jennifer Armstrong is a Senior Underwriting and Claims Manager for KMRRRG and has been with the organization since inception. Jennifer is certified in Enterprise Risk Management and a licensed claims Adjuster. Jennifer works with new insureds during the underwriting process and she assists all insureds with managing the risks of their profession in healthcare. She has a deep history with the founding board members of KMRRRG, understands the operational goals and is instrumental in carrying out the mission of the organization.

    Whitney Kramer is a Senior Claims Manager for KMRRRG. Whitney obtained her law degree from the University of Louisville Brandeis School of Law and is a licensed claims adjuster. Whitney brings her understanding and practice of law in defending medical malpractice claims to KMRRRG, after having spent several years practicing with a Louisville-based insurance defense firm. Whitney works closely with defense counsel in many KMRRRG litigated matters and her expertise in claims management and defense-minded strategy makes her an excellent resource for KMRRRG insureds. She evaluates cases from the very early stages and works with defense counsel and the insured to set the right course for the claim, leading to the best possible resolution.